Developments of loft manager:

  • Now you can create breeding seasons - one or more for every year
  • You only can select pigeons for breeding which are already in the database
  • You can add the laying date so you can easily replace a broken egg with a same age one
  • You can add the ring number to a youngster and give additionaly information and it's pedigree is just ready to use. The ancestors are already added by the loft manager.
  • You can see up to 50 events in every nest, in every season. If you change the dame or sire for a second breeding you can see this change even 10 years later. Every other information is also available forever.
  • You can add past seasons which are on papers or written in notebooks. Just create a season for this. You can add the significant informations like pairing and we keep it for you forever.

Planned developments:

  • A preview for the new pigeon's pedigree, right after you select the dame and sire.
  • You can share this preview pedigree just like the other ones.